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  • THE HOLISTIC WELLNESS PLANNER– Undated daily self-care planner journal combo that promotes self-care and overall wellness from a holistic approach. It helps you connect with your true self through mind, body and soul work that will help you to unlock a flow of creativity and feel the sense of your overall wellness. This holistic wellness approach has proven to increase productivity and it helps people with positive transformation in their lives and experience daily happiness.
  • MEAL PLANNING, FITNESS, MEDITATION, VISUALIZATION, SLEEP & MORE – daily undated Planner designed to prioritize self love for those who put themselves last. It helps you create healthy daily habits that start from priming your mind, body and soul to planning out your goals over 6 months by using the vision board provided with this planner. Track your meals, nutrition and water intake daily to nourish your body. Track your meditation, mindfulness and exercise as well as it encourages you to go out in the nature daily to nourish your soul and feel grounded.
  • STRESSLESS & ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS – When you feel the sense of wellness and mind clarity, you will automatically unleash your creativity and productivity, therefore, you will achieve your goals. Learn to achieve your goals without the feeling of being stressed or overwhelmed. This planner provides a simple structure for you to achieve your goals. Learn to implement healthy habits in your life, in order to become the best version of yourself.
  • PERSONAL 8-STEP SELF-CARE AND PRODUCTIVITY PLAN – The Holistic Wellness Planner will be your accountability planner for 24 weeks that begins with The Self-Care Plan: eight unique, positive psychology thoughtfully-researched steps designed with deep consideration to help you envision your wishes and manifest your dreams, reflect on your current self-care practices, recognize where you are lacking your balance, and manifest your goals. This planner will help you identify your why, connect with your authentic self and feel whole. 
  • LUXURIOUS AESTHETIC PLANNERThis beautiful aesthetic minimalist planner designed with premium quality material, we use 70 lb of beautiful, soft ivory wood-free paper, and a soft-touch blush hardcover with gold foil lettering. We designed it this way, so you can gift it to yourself and anyone who would love them to become stress free. It comes with a beautiful gift box, so you can keep your planner in or can gift it to your friend. 
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  • The Holistic Wellness Planner *It comes with a beautiful gift box*
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