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OK, so it took me a while to find the right planner. This holistic wellness planner has exactly everything I need from checklist for meditation, exercise, visualization, planning my meals and tracking my water intake as well as my exercise. Not only this, but also I could do my vision board any empty my brain from any scattered thoughts. Honestly I am OBSESSED and I can now see how productive I have become and feeling great since been using this planner

Layla B


I bought the holistic wellness planner for my sister as a present who has ADD. She was very pleased with it and she said it has helped her getting focused and looking after herself mentally at the same time. It is an absolutely beautiful planner and it's cover has a nice luxurious touch to it! I will be ordering one for myself too.

Erica M

I purchased the holistic wellness planner. The planner was exactly what I was looking for to supplement my old daily planner. The design is gorgeous and the quality of the planner cover, pages and layout are outstanding. I ordered this during the holidays and received it in a reasonable amount of time despite shipping delays. 100% delighted with my experience!

Lilly F

I have been using this holistic wellness planner for almost 2 months and couldn't be happier. it has made my life easier and now my goals and especially self care goals are clear to me and I have been scheduling and tracking them on a daily basis. It is the best planner I have ever used :)

Elly M

I'm in love with the Daily Bliss holistic planner. The planner is specifically focused on wellness. I really enjoy the setup of the planner and how wellness monitoring is the theme. It's a constant reminder not only to plan professionally but to always prioritize health. Initially, I was hesitant to purchase this planner when I found out it was a five-day journal, but after purchasing it I realized just how convenient it is. I actually prefer a 5-day journal because it gives me the flexibility to plan the 2 days freely. Overall, the planner reinforces habits we all should incorporate daily and is a great way to assess how you're doing personally and professionally..

Zemam B

I am actually using it and it's perfect! I've tried many other wellness planners but they were always too complicated and I never stuck with them. This planner is structured in such a way that I only need a few minutes each day to get focused and keep track of my goals. It also has space for deeper reflection at the end of each week and weekly overview to keep me on track for the next week. There is a page to create a vision board and a page to set intentions, it was my first time creating a vision board, I look at it every day! One thing I also love is that it is undated, if I miss a day or two I don't "feel bad" about it! It arrives beautifully packaged and the quality is EXCELLENT! I use felt tip markers for writing and the paper is sturdy and the ink does not show through. It lays flat for ease of writing and I love that it is hardcover but it is the perfect size and weight to carry around in my bag. It helps me take better care of myself, I highly recommend and I will be ordering another one.

Alex R

 I am someone who has a ton of different planners and this is the first review that I am writing in a long time. I really like the way the journal was created. I desperately needed some more self-care time in my day-to-day life but it was just another thing on my already big pile of to-dos and commitments. I like to use this planner for a few minutes in the morning to plan out my goals for the day and also consciously decide how I will take time for self-care. I found after using it now for 8 weeks, I see that I am now drinking half a gallon of water a day ( life changer- chronic under-drinker will understand), I eat better, I do my visualization and affirmations. Emotions are hard to measure but, I can tell that I am less anxious and have been in more ease and flow.

very happy with and can recommend it to anyone :)

Laura S

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